Mobile Health Platform

For Health And Wellness Providers

The Power Of Digital And Mobile

Smart sensors track our health behaviors in various ways. Wellmo enables health providers to create personalized and cost efficient digital services to help people take charge of their own health, and access health services more easily.

Healthcare providers can use new mobile services to either improve service delivery and engagement, or even to move into new types of business models using fixed or outcomes based pricing models, and preventative service offerings.

Digital Health Services Business Benefits

  • Innovating in new fixed price, subscription and results based business models
  • Expanding business in preventative services
  • Understanding and proving outcomes

More than


of consumers have downloaded a health related app.

Build Your Service With Wellmo Platform

  • Provides you all the tools to build your own service set
  • Allows you to integrate easily your own, your partners’ or Wellmo’s partners’ services
  • Helps you to build highly customized, future-proof and strongly differentiated services

A Robust Platform

Fast to deploy

Get up and running in a few weeks and launch your service in a couple of months.

Easy Customization

Maintain a consistent customer experience through easy customization of the service platform in sync with your brand guidelines.

Easy Integration

Through flexible API’s, your existing solutions and apps can easily be integrated with the Wellmo platform.

Easy to Maintain.

Wellmo Pro admin tools allow you to easily develop and update your services.


The benefits of the modular platform result in lower cost than your own development.

Attractive To The User

Privacy Guaranteed

Wellmo complies with EU directives on end user privacy. The user is always in control.

Engaging User Experience

Keep your customers engaged with inspiring lifestyle coaching programs, in-app messages and energizing virtual campaigns.

Put Health Data Into Use

Users are incentivized to share their data because of your value-adding services and reward programs.

Use Your Own Device

Wellmo is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows mobiles and connects to 100+ health apps and wearables.


A recent Wellmo customer, Heltti is a new disruptor in the Finnish occupational healthcare market. In 2015, Heltti launched a Mobile health service, powered by Wellmo.

About Heltti

Heltti focuses on the knowledge worker segment. Those companies have a strong interest in the wellbeing of their personnel and using the online health care services to save their employees’ valuable time. Heltti business model is based on fixed monthly fees and therefore have strong incentives to keep employees healthy through preventive healthcare services.

What we did

In 2015, Heltti launched a Mobile health service, powered by Wellmo. Through Wellmo, members have access to an health coaching, nurse help line and chat service.


Heltti customers’ health issues can be handled online or via phone

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