Mobile Health Platform

For Insurance Companies

Expand Your Business with Digital Health Services

Smartphones and wearables are enabling new personalized services to help people take charge of their own health. Wellmo helps insurance companies to leverage mobile health technologies for new innovative services. We are probably the only health app with no content or program. We let insurers use the best apps and services on the market while providing unified experience to their users.

Our versatile platform helps you to build your own service set quickly and cost effectively:

  • Integrate seamlessly your own and your partners’ services
  • Sell your services through your own branded app
  • Run programs to promote healthy behaviour
  • Understand your members’ health behaviour and usage
  • Continuously improve your services based on real data

Wellmo Platform Highlights


Manage your members with ease

Tools to manage your member population, services environment, and communications with members.


Branded Service Experience

A highly customizable mobile service for building a unique branded service experience with seamlessly integrated in-house and external services.


Engage Your Users

Tools to build user engagement, including campaigns, coaching and reward programs.


Service Ecosystem

A wide range of partners to leverage: device vendors, service & content providers and system integrators.


Privacy Guaranteed

The user is in full control of his data, and can sync with over 100 health related devices and apps.

Business Solutions

Wellmo health platform is ideal for insurance companies that want to take advantage of modern digital health services. Wellmo provides endless opportunities for service innovation and differentiation.

For Insurance Companies

Insurance companies can increase sales and lower costs for example by:

  • Increasing value and differentiation of current products
  • Developing new revenue generating health services
  • Impacting health behavior and thus reducing costs
  • Better understanding of members behavior and health risks
  • Increasing engagement and loyalty

For Health Providers

Healthcare providers can increase sales and lower costs for example by:

  • Integrating of health content, service or app to Wellmo and automatically meeting relevant privacy regulations
  • Reaching new end-users by selling to insurance companies
  • Using Wellmo’s capabilities such access to phone sensor data, push messaging, content device integrations

Our Clients

Some of the pioneering health and insurance providers we work with:

Works With 100+ Devices & Apps

Wellmo is compatible with over 100 leading health devices, services and apps, for example:


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