Digital Health Services That Make a Difference

With Wellmo Platform

Wellmo’s mission is to help our customers create digital health services that make a difference.

  • Use the best locally relevant health services and bundle them with your own services and engagement process into a unified solution.
  • Offer your customers a mobile health service set under your brand and develop it continuously based on results.
  • This is the platform & ecosystem approach – the best way to help large amounts of users with different needs to stay healthy.

Our Solution

How to serve the individual health needs of a large number of people? How to provide engaging services and content that motivate people to take care of their health year after year?


Use the best locally relevant services and partners to serve the different needs of your customers.



Wrap the service portfolio into a branded and engaging offering and improve it based on results.



Build new understanding and offer personalized services that help your customers to stay healthy.



The platform and ecosystem approach offers a simple and flexible way to reach effectively large amounts of users with different health needs.

Local services

Local services



Rapid Development

Rapid Development

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Our Customers

Our customers include numerous forward-looking companies offering digital health solutions that help their customers to stay healthy.


Länsförsäkringar, the largest insurance company in Sweden with over 3,9 million members, has chosen Wellmo as a platform partner for renewing its digital health services, Hälsoportalen. The goal is to improve customer experience and attract more people to use digital health services actively. With the Wellmo platform, Hälsoportalen transforms into a mobile, flexible and personalized health portal, and a hub for the holistic health insurance offer.

Wellmo enables Länsförsäkringar to easily add new services into their digital offering. Customer journeys in the app are personalized, which helps in serving a large customer base with different needs. The increased amount of data received and the capability to analyse and measure results increase the efficiency of services and enable iterative service improvements.

Länsförsäkringar had already earlier come to the conclusion that a platform is needed to make their service vision come true. Wellmo platform was chosen, because it is made for their purposes, but it is flexible and it enables continuous service development, which makes the platform decision also future-proof.

Works With 100+ Services

Wellmo is compatible with over 100 leading health devices, services and apps, for example:


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