Wellmo – ultimate platform for personalised digital health services.

Effectively engage your customers in their own health, become more relevant, attract new customers and save health care costs.


Platform and ecosystem approach

We believe that your customers deserve the best health content and services that are available in your market. Each one what’s right for them at a given point in time.

Now you can provide it by partnering with the best locally relevant health content and service providers, and by leveraging the Wellmo platform to tie the services together into superior user experience.

Don’t waste time and money in a massive infrastructure project, take a ready platform and get to market instantly. Learn and develop further with your customers and partners.

We, or an implementation partner, will help you manage the delivery, make use of best practices and complement your ecosystem with new partners as needed.

Wellmo solution
Wellmo platform


Our mobile health platform

Wellmo provides all the elements of an ecosystem platform, including integrations to hundreds of connected health devices, white label mobile app, a content management system and integration APIs. Service branding, personalisation, logic and content are configurable, making the creation and maintenance of services agile, cost effective, and highly productive.

Wellmo provides all the elements of
an ecosystem platform

Wellmo ecosystem


Wellmo is compatible with the most popular health and wellness devices, services and apps.

mobile app

Mobile App

White label mobile app with customised content and reward system that suit your and your customers’ needs.

admin tools

Agile admin tools

Configure your app easily and utilise reports and data analytics to understand your customers better



APIs for connecting your own CRM system, data warehouse, 3rd party services etc. to the platform.

Customised & branded services
that keep the customers engaged

Configurable and brandable mobile app

Configurable & brandable mobile app

Compose your digital health service from the best, locally relevant health content, services and apps. Configure the app with your brand, ecosystem, process, tone of voice, and reward system.

know your members

Know your members

Improve the understanding of your customers’ behavior and associated risk with our data gathering capabilities. Manage and segment your members, analyse usage and outcomes, and schedule actions.

personalised services

Personalised services & long-term engagement

Build new understanding and offer personalised services that help your customers to stay healthy and keep engaged.

own ecosystem

Own ecosystem

Use the best locally relevant services and partners to serve the different needs of your customers. Also, your own services, such as claims management, insurance policies and outsourced services (e.g. telemedicine, healthcare services) can be bundled to the package.

cost efficiency

Cost efficiency

No/low code approach provides 10-fold productivity compared to SW development. Open API’s enable effective use of ecosystem and avoids lock-ins.

agile tools for iterative development

Agile tools for iterative development

Easy to use platform allows to add services and custom components as needed. You can develop your services iteratively based on outcomes and usage analytics.


Partner with Wellmo

Do you provide digital health services, apps or health content and want to sell to insurance companies? Then partner with Wellmo.

Partnering means cross promotion and selling, integration and delivery to insurers. Together with Wellmo you can reach new audiences and get your service / app in front of millions of end-users. We have a productised collaboration model, developer site, marketing materials kit, and other tools. We can servce insurer’s needs together.

  • Health programs and coaching
  • Health checks
  • Chronic disease management
  • Health apps
  • Telehealth
  • Assistance services
  • Media houses
  • System integrators

Together we can serve the most advanced needs of insurers and their customers.


Digitalisation of health and care opens up new opportunities for many industries

Whether your brand is offering health & wellness content, service or distribution, you can reach new audiences by making use of our platform. Wellmo’s unique platform has been built for combining the best locally relevant digital health services with a unified and personalised user experience. Wellmo is white label, SaaS based, and with b2b business model.

Reach new audiences

Digitalisation brings new opportunities also for other industries than insurance. You can leverage mobile health technologies for new innovative services and reach new customers.

Increase your digital presence

Whether your brand is offering health & wellness content, service or distribution, you can reach new audiences by making full use of our platform. Wellmo’s unique platform has been built for combining the best locally relevant digital health services with a unified and personalised user experience.

How can Wellmo benefit my business?

public healthcare providers

Public health service providers

A public authority responsible for the long-term health of their citizens can use the platform to make available right health content and services to right users. They can maximise self-service and focus the scarce human resources on where they are necessary. In addition, Wellmo enables measurement of real world outcomes of interventions and developing them accordingly.

healthcare and wellness providers

Healthcare and wellness providers

With Wellmo, you can take your business through digital transformation. Our customisable platform enables you to offer your customers new data-driven digital health services, such as health checks, preventive programs, remote healthcare services or services tailored to specific chronic conditions. You are also able to expand your business and reach new customers segments and end users to your services.s

pharmaceutical companies

Pharmaceutical companies

For pharmaceutical companies, Wellmo is the perfect common platform for various patient support programs and digital therapeutics. Wellmo can also be used to enhance clinical research programs and bring in the real world evidence.



Retailers selling various health related products and services can use digital health technologies for selling in a whole new way. What if you knew the health goals and actual situation of your customers and could sell each exactly the right products and services, they need at a given point in time. Marketing and selling transforms into a highly value adding activity of giving personal advice.


Wellmo is proven with leading insurers in their markets, including Sweden’s largest insurer Länsförsäkringar, AXA Germany and Finland’s second largest insurer LocalTapiola. Cases have all been implemented together with leading locally relevant health service and content partners.


Complementary health insurance sold to enterprises

Länsförsäkringar, the largest insurance company in Sweden with over 3,9 million customers, chose Wellmo as the platform partner for renewing its digital health services. With the Wellmo platform, Hälsoportalen transformed into a mobile, flexible and personalised health portal, and a hub for the holistic health insurance offer. The main objectives are to improve user experience and convert a growing part of phone based interactions to digital and automated interactions.

“We needed a flexible platform solution to integrate various provider partners’ services into a unified Länsförsäkringar-branded experience. The service as a whole includes triage, chat and video, appointment booking, electronic health check and a variety of health programs. Wellmo has lived up to our expectations as the integrating platform. We own the user interface, can connect any provider, and are more independent from them” says Anna Holmberg, Head of Business Development, Personrisk.

Use case | AXA Germany

AXA Germany

Health insurances sold to individuals

German health insurers, provide broad ranges of services for their customers. Wellmo integrates prevention, patient support programs for 9 chronic conditions, and coaching under the brand name and app Eloise. Eloise is a result of co-operation between Sanvartis and Wellmo, with content from e.g. Deximed and Humanoo. Insurers using Eloise include AXA Germany where Eloise is a key part of AXA’s Gesundheitservice360.

Use case | LocalTapiola


Private life insurance sold to individuals and enterprises

Early pioneering customer for Wellmo’s insurance platform, LocalTapiola, the second largest insurer in Finland, reached excellent results with the novel Smart Life Insurance product. Launched in 2016, the new insurance rapidly helped LocalTapiola gain 3 percentage points of market share. Smart Life Insurance brought LocalTapiola a five-figure amount of new customers, with 80% of them taking the app in use and 90% completing health check. 83% of members remained users after six months, with 83% reporting health gains.


About Wellmo

Wellmo is a b2b, SaaS company driving the preventive digital health mega trend in insurance and healthcare. Our cloud-based content agnostic platform enables our customers to integrate any content, service, or software – whether in-house or third party – into individually tailored digital health services. You can build and customise your own engagement and reward process, brand your service set as you wish and create a unified experience to your customer. Wellmo makes it easy to configure the service set, keep it fresh, and effectively reach your customers with a mobile app.


Wellmo in short

  • Digital health platform
  • Founded 2013, Nokia spin-off
  • Insurance focus since 2016
  • White label, SaaS, B2B business model
  • Customers in six European countries

Who we are

We are a team of 12 experienced health tech enthusiasts, here is our management:

Jaakko Olkkonen

CEO, Founder
+358 50 482 2161

Kalle Korpiaho

+358 400 497 982

Rajive Acharya

Product Manager
+358 50 482 3873

Henrika Serén-Johansson

Head of Customer Success
+358 40 561 6567

Nea Rossi

Customer Success Manager
+358 40 518 4643

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