About Wellmo

About us

Wellmo is a b2b, SaaS company driving the preventive digital health mega trend in insurance business. Our cloud-based content agnostic platform enables our customers to integrate any content, service, or software – whether in-house or third party – into individually tailored digital health services. You can build and customize your own engagement and reward process, brand your service set as you wish and create a unified experience to your customer. Wellmo makes it easy to build and develop the service set, keep it fresh, and effectively reach your customers with a mobile app.


Wellmo has customers in several European countries and it has been growing steadily in recent years. We have decades of combined know-how in health technologies and services. The team consists of young talent and top digital health experts with experience from pioneers such as Nokia, Pfizer and Suunto. Wellmo was founded in 2012 as a Nokia spin-off and is headquartered in Espoo, Finland.

Our story

Wellmo’s founder Jaakko Olkkonen had worked for years in IT and strategic business development, before he got interested in wellness, and the way in which our own habits impact our wellbeing. He lead Nokia’s health and wellness business for several years with a team of 60 people and co-operated with other digital health pioneers, such as Pfizer, GSK, Microsoft Health Solutions, Google, Philips, Humana, United Health and Kaiser-Permanente.

When Nokia closed down the unit as part of its business restructuring, Jaakko saw the enormous potential within health tech, and decided to found Wellmo together with Sampo Juustila, a lead developer working in Jaakko’s team. Wellmo licensed Nokia’s Wellness Diary mobile application, which had over one million downloads, and started to develop a business around it.

Today, Wellmo helps numerous companies in Europe to bring to market digital health services that strike the right chord with the target audience. We work hard to help our customers to offer motivating services that bring real health value to their users. Wellmo platform is developed continuously with special emphasis on features that enable even smarter services for its customers in the future. Ability to utilize artificial intelligence to produce more specific segmentations and more relevant feedbacks, are some of the current R&D focus areas.