What is it like to develop Wellmo’s unique platform transforming digital health services, Srijan?

What excites and interests our Software Developer Srijan Chapagain in working with Wellmo’s platform transforming digital health services? What challenges and opportunities exist when developing Wellmo’s multi-tenant platform? We sat down with Srijan, who joined us in 2021, to gain insights into the development of Wellmo’s platform and what it is like to work in the development team.

Understanding the Wellmo platform – what is it about?

“The thing that mostly differentiates and defines the development of the Wellmo platform is its multi-tenant nature,” Software Developer Srijan Chapagain answers when asked to explain the essence of the Wellmo platform.

To put it shortly: the Wellmo platform enables customers to have better digital health services in a fast and cost-effective way. It’s a no-code/low-code solution that helps our customers tie together digital services from their provider partners into a consistent, holistic, and branded experience for their end-users.

So, diving deep into the development of the Wellmo platform is a unique and exciting challenge as our platform is modular with customizing ability. For a curious and sharp software developer like Srijan, this offers a nice professional challenge.

“In the 2.5 years that I have been part of team Wellmo, I’ve had the opportunity to work on exciting projects and learn new technologies,” he says. As a software developer, Srijan is mostly focusing on the development of various features in the Wellmo platform. In addition, he is involved with the overall software processes, like working from frontend and backend to to fixing bugs.

“I work closely with other team members to develop solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Our development team is growing, and we are working on creating processes that are scalable for the future. So, I am doing multiple things that are also outside my main responsibilities – but I learn a lot,” he says.

Now, let’s hear Srijan’s observations and facts about working with our platform!

3 facts about working with Wellmo’s platform as a Software Developer

#1 Developing a modular platform teaches you to think creatively

“The no-code/low-code aspect of our platform has significantly influenced my work. It has pushed me to think differently and approach problem-solving from a new perspective,” Srijan says.

What does that mean?

“In traditional software development, you often start from the bottom and work your way up. However, with our no-code/low-code platform, we have to start from the top and work our way down. This approach requires a different mindset and a greater focus on the end user,” he explains.

Moving away from traditional, ground-up development, he now focuses on configurability and user-centric solutions from the get-go. This perspective requires a different mindset—one that values future-proofing solutions and fosters creativity and innovation.

“I had to rewire my brain to adopt this top-down approach, but it has been beneficial in my work. It has helped me to be more creative and innovative in my solutions,” Srijan says.

#2 You learn to master the complexity of a multi-tenant system

Working on Wellmo’s multi-tenant platform means that addressing diverse customer needs and perspectives is paramount, making it a complex yet rewarding task. For software developers, this provides a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in developing scalable and adaptable solutions for a varied user base.

“As we are developing a digital health platform, it’s quite cool to think that we are crafting solutions that genuinely impact users’ lives.”

“We have many different organizations using our platform. So whenever we make changes to the platform, as developers, we need to think of it from multiple perspectives. Every change to the platform affects all our customers using it. Think of it as a helicopter view of development,” Srijan explains.

Although it sometimes might be a bit challenging, Srijan says that our customers’ diverse needs offer a place for learning. “As we are developing a digital health platform, it’s quite cool to think that we are crafting solutions that genuinely impact users’ lives,” he points out.

“As we are developing a digital health platform, it’s quite cool to think that we are crafting solutions that genuinely impact users' lives.”

#3 Explore the technical possibilities through the preparation of future growth

As Wellmo prepares for future growth, strategic initiatives such as segregating platform teams from customer-specific teams and implementing new DevOps pipelines are underway.

“This separation allows us to focus more on improving the platform and planning backlogs. I’ll be focusing on platform improvement and efficiency, which is crucial for sustaining growth,” Srijan shares. By concentrating on these areas, the development team is better positioned to handle increased demands and ensure the platform’s continued evolution.

Srijan adds that Wellmo places a strong emphasis on staying current with the latest technological advancements. “I appreciate that we are encouraged to explore new technologies, which not only enhances my skill as a developer but also ensures the platform remains competitive,” Srijan says.

This commitment to continuous learning is a cornerstone of the development culture at Wellmo, offering valuable growth opportunities for developers.

Our development team likes to work from our office in Otaniemi, Espoo. Here are Hailee, Oyo, Sajad and Tommi from our team!

Working in a collaborative way with the development team

When we asked Srijan about the nicest things about his job, the answer was clear: “The flexible work environment where we have high trust towards each other. We also communicate a lot with our team, more than I was used to before, and work collaboratively.” 

The open and honest communication within the team fosters trust and collaboration, creating a supportive environment where new ideas are welcomed and developers can thrive without the pressure of constant micromanagement.

“The job at Wellmo requires a mindset that is adaptable and open to new experiences. We emphasize communicating efficiently, I think it is the key to our success in a fast-growing environment,” Srijan says. He appreciates the flexibility of his role, allowing him to work from various locations and manage his hours, which he sees as a significant advantage.

Moreover, the opportunity to work with new technologies and bring new ideas to the table is one of the nicest aspects of the job. “I love the fact that we are always working with new technologies and have the freedom to bring new ideas to the table,” Srijan enthuses.

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