I searched for ”Wellmo” in the Windows Phone Marketplace, but did not find it. Search result says “We couldn’t find a match”.


Wellmo is currently available for download in Finland. Thus, your Microsoft Account profile needs to have Finland as your country. The Windows Phone Store (formerly known as Marketplace) location definition depends on your Lumia Windows Phone version as below:

  • Lumia with Windows Phone 7: The country of your Microsoft Account (Windows Live ID) specifies the Store location, and to change it you need to move your Microsoft/Xbox Live account to the new region. To do this, sign in with your Microsoft account at the Region Change page: https://live.xbox.com/AccountMigration In the list of countries, select “Suomi”. (Country names are in each country’s local language). Maximum one change of country every three months is allowed.
  • Lumia with Windows Phone 8: The location of Store is based on your phone’s Country/Regional settings. To change the location: 1) Go to Settings –> Language + region and then select Country/Region. 2) Tap Restart phone button.The new Store settings will become effective after the phone has been rebooted.
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