What is Taltioni?


Taltioni is a personal and secure health and wellbeing account for Finnish citizens. In your Taltioni account, you can store personal health and well-being information and share it with different service providers for your own benefit. By creating a Taltioni-account and linking it with Wellmo, your data collected into Wellmo will always be available for you. You can also utilize your Wellmo data for other services provided through Taltioni. A good example is Terveystalo’s Oma Terveys -service. By linking Wellmo with Taltioni and Taltioni with Oma Terveys, you can have all your Wellmo data in Oma Terveys where you can share it with Terveystalo’s health care professionals. Read more about Taltioni and Oma Terveys

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