Mobile Health Platform

For Health & Wellness Brands

Reach New Audiences

Digitalization brings new opportunities also for other industries than insurance.  You can leverage mobile health technologies for new innovative services and reach new customers.


Increase your digital presence

Whether your brand is offering health & wellness content, service or distribution, you can reach new audiences by making full use of our platform.

Benefits of Wellmo Platform

  • Design, implement, test and roll out new services rapidly
  • Include 3rd party services easily to your offering
  • Develop your services iteratively based on outcomes and usage analytics
  • Eliminate the burden and risks of massive IT projects


Wellmo is already used in many industries. Is yours next?

Industry solutions

How can Wellmo benefit my business?

Media houses

For media houses, mobile health is a new content distribution channel to reach e.g. insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as well as individual customers. With Wellmo’s segmentation data, you are able to target your customers with the right content at the right time. It also enables real time measurement of outcomes – did your content have the effect you expected. This gives opportunities for new monetization models and higher value for your content.


For retailers, our solution provides the tools to expand from products and product related services to health services, that can be either fully digital or combinations of digital and physical. Examples of such services include e.g. weight loss or healthy heart programs, customer loyalty programs and promotions, virtual health checks, other health related tests or reminders. Wellmo is a full-featured platform that enables selling these services to wider market segments through a mobile app.

Pharmaceutical companies

For pharmaceutical companies, platform enables setting up a mobile channel for digital therapeutics and patient support programs. Users can be segmented for example based on their health needs or prescribed treatment. You can measure outcomes and compliance with your programs with the help of data Wellmo collects from users. Our platform makes it possible to include also several different interventions and offerings within a single app.

Healthcare and wellness providers

With Wellmo, you can take your business through digital transformation. Our customizable platform enables you to offer your customers new data-driven digital health services, such as health checks, preventive programs, remote healthcare services or services tailored to specific chronic conditions. You are also able to expand your business and reach new customers segments and end users to your services.

Public health service providers

A municipality responsible for the long-term health of their citizens can use the platform to distribute selected preventive health and wellness services to selected user segments. With the help of a mobile app, you are able to get closer to your customers, know more about their specific health needs and offer them targeted interventions. In addition, you are able to measure the outcomes of your interventions and develop them accordingly to achieve real health impacts. Wellmo’s versatile data gathering and user segmentation capabilities enable designing personalized service paths to serve the varying needs of large populations.

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Increase Your Digital Presence With Wellmo’s Platform

Flexible API integration

Through flexible API’s, your existing services can easily be integrated with the Wellmo platform.

Business opportunities

Expand your business and reach new end-users with Wellmo and our international partners.

Compliance ensured

Wellmo’s awarded Information Security Management System takes care of privacy and other relevant regulations.

Strong network

Wellmo is already now compatible with over 100 leading health devices, apps and services.

Use of capabilities

You can benefit from the use of Wellmo’s capabilities such as access to phone sensor data, push messaging, connected device integrations etc. without the need to create and maintain them yourself.

Attractive To New Audiences

Unifying platform

A highly customizable mobile platform for offering a menu of services to the users. Services include e.g. health checks and preventive programs for identified risk areas, remote care services, specific content pages, and care services tailored for specific chronic conditions. All accessible with a single-sign-on.

Unbounded Ecosystem

Tap into content creation, or develop a network of local and global health content and service providers to suit your needs. Wellmo platform is already compatible with over 100 leading wearable devices, health apps and services.

Market leading engagement tools

Provide tailored coaching for different risk groups, and use social challenges with your own branded content to motivate your customers.

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