Today’s technology enables low-cost, personalized preventive digital health services. For insurers, this provides an opportunity to truly help their customers towards their health goals and at the same time to differentiate themselves from competition. Many insurers are still trying to find the optimal way to benefit from preventive digital health. Our CEO Jaakko Olkkonen will be giving insights on the topic on Connected Insurance Summit’s ‘Strategy and Innovation’ track on Monday 11 June.

Some insurers have already started their journeys towards the future of preventive digital healthcare. With our help, they are able to continuously improve their digital services, based on results and feedback from their customers. The platform and ecosystem approach makes it easy for the insurer to compose the best portfolio of services for its customers, keep it fresh, and effectively reach customers with a tailored mobile app.

Our customers have been satisfied with the solution – see the customer testimonial video below to learn how they have benefitted from our preventive digital health platform. Don’t forget to join the discussion on Monday either!