Wellmo’s world leading application platform to improve safety at workplaces

Employee and contractor safety is a top priority at many workplaces. While safety related processes and instructions may be in order at the back office, they are often not conveniently available when needed at the frontline. Extensive use of external workforce, contractors and subcontractors, accentuates the need to be able to provide everyone instant access to all relevant information.

COVID19 further highlights the importance of safety and increases the challenge of keeping everyone informed for example of the latest instructions for hygiene, social distancing etc. In the worst case, failure to enforce instructions and rapidly deal with outbreaks lead to closures of entire businesses as has been seen for example in German meat industry and Swedish mines.

Wellmo’s application platform, proven in insurance, is now available for enterprises in industries such as construction, ship building, transportation, public services and manufacturing. With a Wellmo powered safety app, an enterprise can ensure that everyone working for them has the relevant and timely information at their fingertips. Services such as symptom tracking can easily be implemented as a part of the app. Instructions and content can be updated on the fly and situation monitored with real time reports. Existing instructions, content and reporting capabilities can be utilized and integrated into one app.

Now is the perfect time to fix the common shortcoming of HSE, distribution and enforcement of instructions across the internal and external workforce, and real time monitoring of the situation.

Whether this could work for your company, can easily be verified with a proof of concept project lasting a few weeks.

For more information, a demo and an offer, please contact Jaakko Olkkonen or Anna-Kaisa Asikainen at Wellmo.com.