Mobile Health Platform

Build innovative health-promoting mobile services easily with a flexible Wellmo tool set.

Key Features


Manage Your Members With Ease

Through Wellmo’s powerful web tools, you can easily manage your member population and services environment and communication with members:

  • Monitor activity on segmented basis
  • Develop segment-specific programs and service pages
  • Create targeted campaigns and communications
  • Monitor results

Brand Your Service Experience

Wellmo web tools allow you to create an unique branded service experience:

  • Apply your visual brand identity
  • Build service pages freely. Create dynamic service menus for different customer segments.
  • Integrate your service providers’ content seamlessly through web links or in-built web frames.

All of the services – whether in-house or third party – are accessible with single sign-on.


Engage Your Users for Health Improvement

Wellmo enabled services helps users manage their health effectively to reach their health goals. A customized program typically includes the following steps:

  • Market: Use marketing campaigns to maximize program enrollment.
  • Assess: Help users to identify their health improvement needs with electronic health check.
  • Coach and motivate: Coach your users to change their health behaviour.
  • Activate: Use social campaigns to maximize programs retention.
  • Reward for positive outcomes: Provide users rewards for meeting their health goals.

We help you to integrate the necessary services for your preventive health program, utilizing best of breed partners.


Service Ecosystem

Wellmo integrates seamlessly with your partners’ services and content, allowing you to build different service offerings. Examples of common third party services:

  • Health risk assessments
  • Authenticated chat and video services
  • Coaching content and services
  • Reward programs and web shops

Integration to your legacy and new IT platforms happens securily through Wellmo cloud API’s.


Privacy Guaranteed

The user is in full control of her data, and can sync with over 100 health related devices and apps, such as:

  • Wearables: Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Suunto
  • Health Applications: Strava, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal
  • Sleep monitoring: Emfit, SleepImage
  • In-home medical devices: iHealth, Withings, Omron

Wellmo integrates all app data into one convenient dashboard where the user can track his progress. User data is securely stored in the cloud in compliance with EU regulations.

Works With 100+ Devices & Apps

Wellmo is compatible with over 100 leading health devices, services and apps, such as:

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