Mobile Health Platform

Build innovative health-promoting mobile services easily with a flexible Wellmo tool set.

How It Works

Wellmo makes it easy to build a personalized service set, keep it fresh and effectively reach your customers with a tailorable mobile app.



Wellmo is compatible with the most popular health and wellness devices, services and apps.

Mobile App

Mobile App

White label mobile app with customized content and reward system that suit your and your customers’ needs.

Agile admin tools

Agile admin tools

Configure your app easily and utilize reports and data analytics to understand your customers better.



APIs for connecting your own CRM system, data warehouse, 3rd party services etc. to the platform.

Wellmo Platform enables unified experience and continuous improvement.

Key Features


Engage Your Users

  • Market your offering to maximize the interest
  • Segment your users based on their health needs or other criteria relevant for your business
  • Tailor Content. Provide the right health content and services with the help of ecosystem
  • Personalize. Steer your users towards the health information and interventions right for them
  • Reward for following the personalized service paths
  • Measure engagement and outcomes
  • Develop iteratively your services further

Brand Your Service Experience

Wellmo web tools allow you to create an unique branded service experience:

  • Apply your visual brand identity in the service pages of the app, e.g. use your colors, images and content
  • Opportunity to a fully branded app: offer your app under your name and brand in the app stores

Integrate Your Service Ecosystem

Wellmo integrates seamlessly with your partners’ services and content. All of the services – whether in-house or third party – are accessible with a single sign-on. Examples of common third party services:

  • Health risk assessments
  • Authenticated chat and video services
  • Digital healthcare services
  • Coaching content and services
  • Reward programs and web shops

Integration into your legacy and new IT platforms happens securely through Wellmo API’s.


Manage Your Members With Ease

Through Wellmo’s admin tools, you can easily manage your member population, service environment and communication with members:

  • Create dynamic service paths personalized for different user segments
  • Create targeted campaigns and communications
  • Monitor activity on segmented basis
  • Analyze data and monitor results to improve your services

Privacy Guaranteed

Wellmo acts as a data protector and the user is in full control of his/her data:

  • Users can sync with all the popular wearables, health applications, sleep monitoring and in-home medical devices.
  • Wellmo integrates all app data into one convenient dashboard where the user can track her progress.
  • The user is in full control of her data. User data is securely stored in the cloud in compliance with EU regulations.

Works With 100+ Devices & Apps

Wellmo is compatible with over 100 leading health devices, services and apps, such as:

A Robust Platform

Fast to deploy

Get up and running in a few weeks and launch your service in a couple of months.

Easy Customization

Maintain a consistent customer experience through easy customization of the service platform in sync with your brand guidelines.

Easy Integration

Through flexible API’s, your existing solutions and apps can easily be integrated with the Wellmo platform.

Easy to Maintain.

Wellmo Pro admin tools allow you to easily develop and update your services.


The benefits of the modular platform result in lower cost than your own development.

Attractive To The User

Privacy Guaranteed

Wellmo complies with EU directives on end user privacy. The user is always in control.

Engaging User Experience

Keep your customers engaged with inspiring lifestyle coaching programs, in-app messages and energizing virtual campaigns.

Put Health Data Into Use

Users are incentivized to share their data because of your value-adding services and reward programs.

Use Your Own Device

Wellmo is compatible with iOS and Android mobiles, and connects to 100+ health apps and wearables.


We know that the ability to protect data is of highest importance to our customers. With millions of members, there is a huge volume of data insurance companies are entrusting to us. At Wellmo, we are committed to the best security controls. Wellmo’s Information Security Management System is ISO27001 certified. Read more


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