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Meet some of Wellmo’s customers who have already harnessed the power of the ecosystem for the benefit of their members’ health and for the success of their business:

Our Customers

Our customers include numerous forward-looking companies offering digital health solutions that help their customers to stay healthy.

Featured success story


Sanvartis is one of the leading experts in medical communication on the German market (https://www.sanvartis.de). Its over 700 employees with wide and diverse healthcare expertise serve customers in the fields of telehealth, patient care and prevention programs.

Success Story on eloise

With the Wellmo platform, Sanvartis has been able to digitize their services. Instead of single-channel phone coaching programs, it can now offer its customers flexible, yet holistic multichannel (digital, chat, phone coaching) solutions, which has generated new interest from both existing as well as from new customers. As expected, the partnership has proven to be of mutual benefit; the companies’ core expertise areas are highly complementary.  


A great example of this development is eloise (https://eloise-app.de). Eloise-app was launched in 2019 to prevent health problems and to offer individual support to people with chronic conditions. Eloise offers patient support and coaching programs for several indications in just one app, including e.g. back pain, diabetes, heart disease, lung and mental health. Besides digital programs, the app also offers coaching by real health coaches to support the desired behavior change.  


Eloise is used by insurers and pharma companies (https://www.axa.de/gesundheitsservice360). The chronic disease patients feedback has demonstrated the usefulness of the app in helping to better manage their condition themselves. In addition, the lower cost of coaching patients through a digital channel creates substantial savings per patient each month. Even bigger payback, however, is expected to come from the better health outcomes of the patients who keep using the app actively. 


Besides offering patient care programs for different indications in one app, it is also used as a holistic prevention app, which is distributed to a much broader customer group. The reporting and data analytics provided by the Wellmo platform help to create deeper understanding of the users and their behavior. This means that eloise can be continuously developed further, in a customer-centric way.


Featured success story


An early Wellmo customer, LocalTapiola Life is the largest life insurer in Finland and the market leader in life insurances. The LocalTapiola group’s vision is to offer its customers a safer and healthier life, and the group is well on its way transforming from a traditional insurance company into a lifelong security company.

Journey to Smart Life Insurance

LocalTapiola Life is a pioneer in Finnish digital life insurance. Earlier, in June 2015, the group already partnered with a selection of third-party digital services. In order to better answer to the ever-changing customer needs, LocalTapiola searched for an approach bringing all digital health services under a single, insurer-branded experience. In 2016, LocalTapiola launched the Smart Life Insurance, powered by Wellmo, and the service became a great success.

Since, LocalTapiola has increased their customer engagement and has been able to get advanced data analytics to better understand their customers. The Smart Life Insurance has inspired over 15,000 Finns to improve their lifestyle.

What we did

Through Wellmo, LocalTapiola can benefit from a wide ecosystem, ranging from digital coaching programs to accessing healthcare. Services, such as electronic health check, nurse help line, benefits store and policy information have been available to the members in one app. The flexible platform enables continuous development – the corner stone of retention.

Positive impact on sales

Smart Life Insurance has had a positive impact on LocalTapiola Life sales and customer loyalty. LocalTapiola Life has found a new target group – younger and more health-conscious consumers. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.



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