Successful launch of Wellmo in The Netherlands

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Mobile health startup conquers Dutch Market in occupational health and health insurance.

It has been a year since Jaakko Olkkonen asked Marc Wullings (currently country manager), to explore the possibilities for Wellmo to get a foothold in the Dutch Market.

The Dutch are famous for being ‘above average’ as measured against a range of OECD criteria like life expectancy, health, employment conditions and general satisfaction with their lives; with a strong sense of community and civic responsibility as well.

“The Dutch market has a clear landscape as it comes to occupational health providers. That made the Netherlands an easy choice for Wellmo to start the internationalization” explains Marc.

Wellmo’s first steps in Holland

One hundred and fifty cups of coffee, 55 appointments, 200 handshakes and 63 newly acquired LinkedIn connections turned out to be very fruitful. The top ten players in the occupational health industry plus most of the health insurance companies in Holland saw great potential in the services Wellmo had to offer. A solid foundation is in place. Now it’s time to build on this foundation, together with our customers.

We have lift off

The Dutch Launch was held at the node of EIT Digital, Wellmo’s accelerator in Europe. This is situated on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. What better place to host such an event. Each and everyone we talked to this year was present. Representatives of occupational health service providers, health insurance companies, coaching companies and many other partners.

New markets, new possibilities

For all of our guests we provided a small programme to show them the latest developments of the Wellmo platform. Wellmo’s Founder and CEO Jaakko Olkkonen elaborated on the successful and innovative cooperations achieved in Finland, with insurance company Lahi Tapiola and occupational health service provider Heltti. He also painted the picture of the role that Wellmo can play in providing an in-your-pocket company branded front-end. This enables them to communicate with members (end users) on programmes concerning vitality, health and health tracking.

Co-creation with Arbo Unie

Josephine van Eeden, Development Manager at ArboUnie talked about the importance of having a shared vision with their suppliers. We were of course happy when Josephine praised Wellmo for the strong working partnership we achieved.

“The co-creation resulted in the ‘Polshoogte‘ programme, an employer vitality programme with in which Arbo Unie clients also use wearables to support the programme”, said van Eeden. “The wearables are used for tracking, coaching and walking campaigns. A personal Arbo Unie coach ensures that the gained results increase and remain over a longer period of time. This new service is a great way to support our customers with innovative occupational health solutions with focus on preventative care. I am looking forward to continue our cooperation with Wellmo and to work together to make our ‘Polshoogte’ programme even more innovative than it already is and make it an even better fit with the vitality challenges of our customers”, she said.

Stresscoach 2.0 on Wellmo’s platform

The Wellmo Netherlands launch was held during the “Week van de Stress”. This annual event aims to raise attention about stress in the working environment. This is the reason we asked Gerrit Beumer of TNO to get our audience up to speed on the Stresscoach 2.0 project. This will be technically developed on the Wellmo Platform and will give us the opportunity to measure and manage stress. Based on the feedback of Stresscoach 2.0 users as well as coaches receive relevant advice and information. A great new addition to our services, since around a third of all sick leave absences are due to stress. “Prevention and the way Wellmo can contribute to preventative health services has been seen as an important step forward”, said Wellmo’s Marc Wullings who was at the Eindhoven event. “The co-creation between Wellmo and its enterprise customers to develop tailor-made products for the market has been positively received”, he added.

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