Tarmo pilot project presented in HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference in Helsinki

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HIMSS & Health 2.0 European Conference is held on 11-13 June in Helsinki, Finland. Wellmo has the honor to participate in the event on several fronts. We have been selected to showcase the Wellmo platform in a program session called “Engagement and Behaviour Change for Every Age and Stage”. In addition, we have a stand in the Finland Pavilion and a chance to present a very interesting and impressive case implemented with the help of our platform, a pilot project called TARMO.

A joint pilot project “TARMO digital health ecosystem” was implemented in the city of Kotka during fall 2018. The goal was to bring services and digital health applications into one ecosystem and offer the users, people living in Kotka, nutritional group coaching and digital lifestyle guidance under a TARMO-branded mobile health application, which is powered by Wellmo platform.

Wellmo platform was chosen for the project because it enables wide distribution of selected preventive health and wellness services to selected user groups. Wellmo’s capabilities make it possible to design personalized service paths, which are needed when serving the different needs of large populations. With the health app, the service provider is able to get closer to people, know more about their specific health needs and offer them targeted interventions. In addition, the outcomes of the interventions can be measured and the services developed accordingly in order to achieve real health impacts.

Tarmo ecosystem is the first experiment implemented in Finland to combine digital health ecosystem with coaching, and the results are encouraging. The participants were able to lose weight and increase their confidence in also maintaining the healthier habits adopted. Promoting well-being and preventing diseases is thus possible to digitize. In addition, ecosystem enables to effectively reach the target groups with the highest health risk; therefore the scarce resources can also be targeted to those people who need the most support.

The pilot showed that a digital health service ecosystem enables public health service providers to offer personalized digital health services in a flexible and cost-effective way. The pilot project was also a great example of how a public actor can take advantage of the latest  knowledge and expertise developed in the private sector, in this case utilize the ecosystem of new digital health innovators, for the benefit of their people as well as for the whole society. Similar interventions with other municipalities and health care districts are presently in progress.

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