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Wearables, health and wellbeing apps and integrated health sensors are revolutionizing the way we keep track of our health and wellbeing. Increasingly many corporate wellbeing providers, preventative health care providers and health insurers are exploring self-monitoring tools and and digital channels to develop new ways to support their clients.

Remote self-monitoring, access to real-time wellbeing data and digital communication channels will fundamentally change the way corporate wellbeing and lifestyle management programs are offered. Wellmo wants to be at the forefront of this industry shift together with the best experts and leading service providers.

Our future posts will focus on:

  • digitalization of lifestyle and preventative healthcare services
  • use of wearables and integrated health sensors in a professional context to support behavioral change processes
  • lessons learned in launching digital tools at workplaces
  • stories on organizations and professionals working with digital self-monitoring & communications tools
  • tips and hints on improving workplace wellbeing

We will also interview experts and invite guest bloggers to share their views on the topics. And to top it off, we will also be sharing our latest news and behind-the-scene stories of the Wellmo team!

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