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ESPOO, July 5, 2017

Wellmo, the mobile health platform for insurance companies and health brands, has attained the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for its information security management system. Compliance with the International Organization for Standardization ISO27001 standard helps to guarantee that sufficient information security controls are in place to protect client data.

The certification is awarded only to companies that can meet the high standard, only about 10,000 organisations in Europe have been granted the ISO 27001 so far. Information security controls are especially important in the context of health data and the rapid development of related technologies. Jaakko Olkkonen, Wellmo’s CEO, commented “We know that the ability to protect data is of highest importance to our clients. Health and life insurance companies especially are looking for increased assurances. With millions of members, there is a huge volume of data they are entrusting to us. This independent certification demonstrates our level of commitment and sense of responsibility to implement the best security controls.”

Wellmo’s ISO 27001 audit was conducted and the certification granted by Nixu Certification Oy. The certification covers processes for production environment development, production service delivery, Wellmo Pro and end user support, as well as all related data.

Wellmo Pro, the administration tool of Wellmo platform, provides statistics to the insurer, for example insights into the outcomes of digital services: Insurance companies can see which offers produce expected results and which fall behind or are not used by their members. This enables rapid iterative development of the offering based on real data. With the Wellmo platform, the above can be done based on rules, without the need to share individual’s health data with the insurer. With this new approach, it is possible to attract a major portion of members as users, provide real value and keep them motivated. Wellmo is continuously developing security controls and identifying potential future risks.



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Jaakko Olkkonen, CEO
jaakko.olkkonen (at) wellmo.com
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About Wellmo

Wellmo is the only dedicated health platform, which is fully open to any content or program. The platform let’s insurance companies leverage the best content, services and apps from the market and deliver them as a unified and branded experience to their users. For the insurance company product managers, Wellmo gives visibility to outcomes and usage statistics across the portfolio. It enables quick launch of services and rapid iterative development based on real data.

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