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CEO Jaakko Olkkonen will meet several health insurers and Wellmo speaks at Digital Health Forum 2015

The digital health industry is booming, new technologies and exciting companies appear in new markets and existing ones. It is a very dynamic era to be involved in the shaping of healthcare delivery.

Wellmo and health services
At Wellmo we consider ourselves to be highly innovative, not only from a technology background but also in our conceptualization approach.

“We believe that healthcare of the future needs to be simple, easy to access and most importantly efficient from a health point of view”, says Wellmo CEO Jaakko Olkkonen.

“At Wellmo we deliver tomorrow’s health services today. We do this by focussing on the prevention of diseases, since the current system of treating diseases is becoming far too expensive and not fundable by society. The exciting trends on tracking our health data with apps and wearables gives us the opportunity to more easily control our lifestyles” he adds.

Where does Wellmo stand on the use of wearables to collect health data?
To elaborate more on the subject of prevention and heath data tracking, we are very excited to announce that we are taking a part in the Digital Health World Forum 2015 in London (more info here).

Joao Bocas

“Our participation in the wearables debate is very relevant to our customer group. We work with health insurers and occupational health providers, helping them to deploy their services to their members’ pockets via our fully integrated and branded mobile health solution, the Wellmo app”, says Joao Bocas, the UK Country Manager for Wellmo.

The panel discussion will cover best practices and insights on how to utilize wearable generated data and make it meaningful to the user and service providers. Industry experts will certainly uncover important aspects and unveil best practices in order to help people understand how they can benefit from the health data made available by such useful tools.

Our representative in UK, Joao Bocas is one of the industry thought leaders on wearable technologies. His experience and insights will make a positive contribution to a very interesting debate. Joao is a regular contributor at national and international digital health industry events.

Wellmo in the UK

We are very excited to announce that our CEO Jaakko Olkkonen will be visiting the UK on 8th and 9Th of December to meet with the three of the largest health insurers groups.

This is the culmination of Wellmo’s commercial activities in the UK, which started a few weeks ago. We’ve received a huge amount of interest in our mobile health solution that offers a unique integration of health data sets from an architectural point of view and an out- of-the box approach focusing on true prevention rather than cure. At Wellmo we are set to fulfill our vision of becoming Europe’s preferred choice partner for Mobile Health services.

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